Sewing Teddy Bear

I’ll tell you how to make a very cute toy fabric Teddy Bear. I have found this pattern in the old German magazine. Now it’s yours. If you have a sewing machine you can make your bear with it. But I prefer a handcraft.You need to have:

  • Fabric. Choose something what you really like but that will not very bristled at the edges.

  • Pencil

  • Needles: the small one for sewing and the big one for fixing paws

  • Scissors

  • Threads various colors.

  • 4 buttons

  • Material for filling (you even can take it out of the pillow, which you don’t need)

  • Ribbon

Just click on the image with the pattern and it will open in a new tab in high resolution

 You need to do:

Cut the pattern pieces out and apply pencil contour to the fabric. Do it with a small allowance for seams.

Cut the details out: the front part of the body, ears and paws should be the two pieces with one in reflection.

Neatly sew correct details together, leaving holes. In these holes you’ll put filling

After you’ve filled all body parts, sew up the holes. Try to do it with a hidden seam as shown:

Now attach paws for your bear. If you want the paws were moving sew them with buttons by one thread on both sides, threading through the bear’s body

Choose color of eyes and nose and arrange bear’s face with threads

Tie a cute ribbon on Teddy Bear’s neck and seated teddy bear in cozy place

 Well now you’ve got a new friend! 🙂


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