Colored ottoman and pillow-bow

Recently I did some interesting project.
Colored ottomans are not cheap, so I ordered the usual solid one (that was Dorel Asia Chevron Storage Ottoman) and risked to make nice colored upholstery for it. And you know what? My experiment was successful!

You need to have:

For upholstery

  • Ottoman (!)

  • Dense curtain suitable size or fabric (choose any color and pattern)

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Strong thread

  • Several different size needles

  • Perhaps screwdriver

For pillow-bow

  • Fabric

  • Filling

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Threads

  • String

You need to do:

Measure all sides of your ottoman and cut all the pieces of fabric for upholstery. Don’t forget about the seam allowances!Overlock fabric edges by hand or with a sewing machine

Begin to sew fabric peaces over the original upholstery (or use staple gun, if you have one)I started with the cover. Then moved to the sides and finished to sew upholstery to the ottoman’s bottom (after disconnecting its legs with screwdriver) 

When the ottoman will ready you can start to sew pillow-bow.

Take a long rectangle of the same fabric (52×12 inches). Fold it in half and sew like a bag.Then fill this bag with filling and sew up bag’s hole.Pull the string in the middlle of finished pillow and fix it

A small piece of fabric (12×5 inches), with which you’ll cover string, will complete the view of a bow.Sew its edges together neatly and then admire the work you have done!:-)


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