Miniature Mannequin

Miniature mannequin looks so cute and creates some unique style at home. As a basis I took the pattern of a mannequin Tilda and changed it a bit in the bottom so it came to size a candlestick. Wont it? Get to work!
You need to have:

  • Candlestick that you will use as a stand

  • Fabrics for the body and wings

  • Pencil

  • Needle and threads for sewing

  • Scissors

  • Material for filling (you even can take it out of the pillow, which you don’t need)

  • Lace and ribbon to decorate mannequin

  • 2 buttons

Pattern for body
Pattern for body
Pattern for wings
Pattern for wings
Variations of the wings may be different
Variations of the wings may be different

You need to do:

Cut out the pattern pieces and apply a pencil contour to the fabric. Do it with a small allowance for seams

Cut the details out: the front part of the body and wings should be the two pieces (one in reflection)

Neatly sew correct details together, leaving holes. In these holes you’ll put the filling

After you’ve filled wings, sew up the hole. Try to do it with a hidden seam as shown:Body filled with padding take on a candlestick and attach with a glue or using a needle and thread

After that attach the wings to body. Sew them with button
Then you can decorate your mannequin. I decorated it with lace and ribbon and added a button

Making this mannequin took quite a bit of time but the result has exceeded all expectations. I love it!


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