Framed pincushion

I’ve met pincushion in frame several times in the Networks and so I decided to do it myself! If you have all materials the w
ork should take no more than ten minutes, so let’s get started quickly!

You need to have:

  • Small frame

  • Fabric

  • Needle and thread (or glue)

  • Filler

You need to do:

Open the frame. Put fabric into it and then fill it with filler. Cover all with frame’s lid or glass and align the edges of fabric. You can sew or glue them. Close the frame lid

That’s it!I admit this pincushion looks great in the interior and really handy to use. And it can be a great gift!


2 thoughts on “Framed pincushion

  1. I never thought to do this before, but it’s SO perfect for me! I’m really glad that you posted this. I’ll definitely be making one of these for my sewing desk because I’m forever losing my little pin cushion and it either ends up tangled in the fabric I’m sewing or on the darn floor.

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