More Pumpkins!

This Autumn I have a lot of pumpkins. Some of them are used to cook the Pumpkin Soup, some are good for home decoration. But I want more! More pumpkins this fall and Thanksgiving Day! So I sew them from the fabric. And even put some flavor into my pumpkins.

I’ll show you two kinds of fabric pumpkins. And you’ll decide what you want to make!DSC_0236

You need to have:

  • Fabric

  • Needle and threads for sewing

  • Scissors

  • Material for filling

  • Flavored filler (I used one of Fresh Scents)

  • Thin rope, straw lace and a bit of felt to make leaf and twig.DSC_0015

You need to do:

First Pumpkin

Cut out fabric rectangleDSC_0008

Sew the edgesDSC_0010

Gather the fabric from one side and pull the rope tightDSC_0011

Turn inside outDSC_0012

Fill this bag with filling and flavored fillerDSC_0035

Pull the other side with the needle and thread. You’ll get cute ballDSC_0041

Neatly pull a rope around the ball to get a pumpkinDSC_0043

Make the imitation of leaves and your pumpkin is finished!DSC_0047

Second Pumpkin

Cut two identical circles out of different fabrics. Cut each circle into quartersDSC_0004

Combine quarters like thisDSC_0005

Sew them together on sequence. Leave a hole for the fillingDSC_0031

After the filling sew up the hole. You’ll get this pillowDSC_0039

Neatly pull a thread around the pillow to get a pumpkinDSC_0045

Make the imitation of leaf and twig and your pumpkin is finished!DSC_0048

Two funny pumpkinsDSC_0052

Many pumpkins? Doesn’t happen!DSC_0064


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