Quiet Book for a Very Special Girl… for Two actually.

DSC_0003Quiet book. Busy book. Soft book or Cloth book. They go by many names but the idea is the same: a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities to entertain small children. I had the intention of beautiful, hand-sewn masterpiece for very special little girl, my distant friend’s 2 year-old daughter Bogdana (Dana). And I’m talking about a masterpiece not because I am a master, but because I was sewing a book based on the works and joys of my friend and her family. Her name is Nadiyka Herbish and she is a gifted Ukrainian writer and just an amazing person!DSC_0039For activities I used: Velcro, snaps buttons, zipper, ribbons for tying, clothespins and threads for a braid. Let me just show you what I made and you can use my ideas for your own design.

Book cover. Little Dana in the image of Sunbonnet SueDSC_0045

Cup of coffee and a few pieces of Velcro marshmallowDSC_0022DSC_0005DSC_0009

Little Mouse from Nadiyka’s books about the change of seasons. I made him a photographer. It’s a family passion of Nadiyka and little Danacontent_fullDSC_0023DSC_0017DSC_0019

These pages are also about nature. Here a few flowers, apple and caterpillar that can become a butterflyDSC_0026DSC_0021DSC_0023DSC_0024DSC_0025DSC_0026DSC_0029

And here’s a bit of Venice. Recently the book ‘Traveling with a Magical Atlas: Venice’ by Nadiyka Herbish was published in Ukrainemandrivka_z_char_atkasom_rewDSC_0028DSC_0032

Christmas Tale about Hedgehog who carry a sledge with some gifts for…DSC_0030DSC_0048

…family of cute GophersDSC_0052

The last page. Rocking Horse with a tail that can be braidedDSC_0032DSC_0036DSC_0037

Bogdana and Nadiyka have already received their Quiet book. It seems, both girls love it and I can not be happier! 🙂


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