Soft kitty. Pink Pusheen…

DSC_0035My friends are now waiting the birth of their little daughter. I have a long thought what to make as a gift for the baby? Warm, soft, sweet. Like a kitten from the song. And it has turned out… Pusheen the Cat! The pink one.tumblr_ndyda2OLNp1rdqvrro1_500

If you want to make the same kitty you’ll need:

  • Soft cotton fabric

  • Threads

  • Black felt pathes for some details

  • Filler

  • Scissors

  • Needles

  • Pencil

  • And this patternpattern

You need to do:

Cut the pattern pieces out and apply a pencil contour to the fabric. Cut the details outDSC_0003Neatly sew correct details together but leave the holes. Put the filler through these holes. Than sew them upDSC_0024After that make Pusheen’s face. Sew on eyes, nose, whiskersDSC_0026Now sew on all four paws. Looks like doneDSC_0033This kitty is so soft and sweet cat. And funny of course. Purr…DSC_0037


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