Sleepy Angel

DSC_0036This kind of handmade dolls is called Tilda or rather the Sleepy Angel. The Tilda name is actually a registered trademark. Tone Finnegar first came out with Tilda doll in Norway. Tone makes doll accessories, doll kits, fabrics, yarns, fabric and crafts for the home and has several books about Tilda style stuff. You can find more information on Tone’s website.

But now about our Sleepy AngelDSC_0040DSC_0031

You need to have:

  • Fabrics for doll and her clothes

  • Pencil

  • Needle and threads for sewing

  • Scissors

  • Material for filling

  • 2 buttons for the pajamas

  • 1 button and 1 bead for the nightcap

tilda-spyashiy-angel-vykroyka-11-pngtilda-spyashiy-angel-vykroyka-2-png152-600x1052151-600x815You need to do:

Cut the details out. Neatly sew the right parts of doll together, leaving holes. In these holes you’ll put the filling. Then sew the holes up. Try to do it with a hidden seam as shown:

After that attach the arms and legs to your doll. Sew them tighttilda-splyushka-1

Use threads to make hair and eyes for the dollc2014-04-13t23-23-06_jcwu4

DSC_0006Then move on to sew pajamas, nightcap and pillowDSC_0003

This is how I decorated the tip of doll’s nightcapc2014-04-13t23-40-43_5ms7d

Before to dress your doll, don’t forget to attach the wings to her pajamasDSC_0012

Finally sew buttons on pajamas. Fasten the nightcap to the head and the pillow to the one doll’s hand. The other hand you can sew to her face as if she’s yawning. 🙂DSC_0027DSC_0043

Now you have your own Sleepy Angel!DSC_0030DSC_0034DSC_0038


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