Hi, my dear!

Have you ever thought that some little fairies helps each of us? Magic is everywhere! It is in living beings, our thoughts and actions. Our inspiration comes like wonder!

Domestic magic is something very special. It is invisible but also indispensable, because at home everything should be on it’s place and looks, smells, and feels wonderful. Home is a place for the nice cozy things, yummy food and drinks. It is a place which you don’t want to leave. And to make this kind of place we need a special magic.

I believe that inside every home there are tiny fairy or little wizard who just waiting to be out to play tricks (but not too much) and make some miracles.

My domestic magic contains recipes and instructions, ideas and plans to create comfort and loveliness in every corner of your home (of course we are talking about my own experience, but I believe that it will be helpful for you too).

Here you will find recipes, patterns and tutorials for some crafts and a variety of bright ideas for your home.

Less words, more action! Believe in yourself and in your little home fairy!

Love, Alekro


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