Leonardo Cat. Cross Stitch

Today I will show you a very beautiful large cross-stitch picture. This is a reproduction of the picture by wonderful artist Geoff Tristram and it’s called ‘Leonardo’.

This project can take a lot of time, but the finished cross-stitch picture turns out magnificent.

I found the pattern here. Please, keep in mind that the key table shows only Dimensions threads codes. To convert them to DMC use this link.

Books for Kids

Dear friends! I know you haven’t heard from me for a long time, but now I am excited to announce something absolutely special. Four of my books for toddlers, created in a wonderful collaboration with Chimalecha Books publishing house, are now available on Amazon.
You can purchase any of them in paperback format or choose the Kindle Edition option with a great price (and even for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member).

What Does The Ball Like Most Of All

Bears Can Fly

For Whom Does The Sun Shine?

The Little Train Goes On A Trip

Hope you and your kids will enjoy these books! 🙂

So Tiny Stitches…

DSC_0014Want to decorate your clothes with something unusual? Well, you can use a beautiful scarf or jewelry… Or make a small hand embroidery.

Choose a piece of clothing that you want to decorate. For example breast-pocket of your top.DSC_0003-001

You also need some embroidery thread, needle and scissors. You can find any cute pattern in the Internet (Pinterest is always a good idea), but I prefer to improvise.

Very little time, so tiny stitches and your top (T-shirt or whatever) is quite unique. Just like you are.DSC_0005-001

Lily Crown Hairpin

DSC_0015What girl doesn’t love a crown? Even if it’s a big girl. I made this crown hairpin for my very sweet friend ukrainian writer Oksana. She called it ‘lily crown’ because it seems like water lily (truly romantic, right?).


Paper Princess from one of Oksana’s book. Illustration by Svitlana Balukh

To make it quick and easy. And yes, I made a pattern that you can use not only for fabric.crown_pattern

For lily crown hairpin you will need:

  • Two sheets of fabric (one felt)

  • Pencil

  • Needle and threads for sewing

  • Scissors

  • 5 beads

  • 1-2 hairpins (or clips)

You need to do:

Cut the pattern pieces out and apply a pencil contour to the fabricDSC_0052

Cut the details out of fabricDSC_0053

Sew peaces together. I prefer to make felt base and bottomDSC_0055

Don’t forget to decorate the crown with some beadsDSC_0001

Sew the front and underside of the crown togetherDSC_0002DSC_0006

Sew the hairpins (or clips) to the bottomDSC_0007

That’s it. Cute lily crown is ready for the little princess. Or for the big one! 🙂DSC_0020DSC_0022

Owl Bookmark

dsc_0034A few months ago I’ve got this beautiful illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. And I wanted so much to add even little more magic to this adorable and well crafted book. So I decided to make an owl bookmark. Well, maybe not the snowy owl (like Harry’s Hedwig), more likely the barn owl. Still cute and the style observed, you know what I mean. 🙂9feda6ce17c671c131c615a6c7034495

I chose for my owl is very soft fleece. But felt will be also nice.DSC_0039

Use the following pattern to sew your owl bookmarkPattern

Sew one by one the right parts. Use the embroidery threads to make eyes, beak and feathersDSC_0003DSC_0005DSC_0013

Be sure to leave a hole on the top of the owl head to sew it to the ribbon bookmarkDSC_0038

And here is the finished owl bookmark for a wonderful book. Looking forward to the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!dsc_0033DSC_0027DSC_0024DSC_0033DSC_0032DSC_0029

Quiet Book for a Very Special Girl… for Two actually.

DSC_0003Quiet book. Busy book. Soft book or Cloth book. They go by many names but the idea is the same: a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities to entertain small children. I had the intention of beautiful, hand-sewn masterpiece for very special little girl, my distant friend’s 2 year-old daughter Bogdana (Dana). And I’m talking about a masterpiece not because I am a master, but because I was sewing a book based on the works and joys of my friend and her family. Her name is Nadiyka Herbish and she is a gifted Ukrainian writer and just an amazing person!DSC_0039For activities I used: Velcro, snaps buttons, zipper, ribbons for tying, clothespins and threads for a braid. Let me just show you what I made and you can use my ideas for your own design.

Book cover. Little Dana in the image of Sunbonnet SueDSC_0045

Cup of coffee and a few pieces of Velcro marshmallowDSC_0022DSC_0005DSC_0009

Little Mouse from Nadiyka’s books about the change of seasons. I made him a photographer. It’s a family passion of Nadiyka and little Danacontent_fullDSC_0023DSC_0017DSC_0019

These pages are also about nature. Here a few flowers, apple and caterpillar that can become a butterflyDSC_0026DSC_0021DSC_0023DSC_0024DSC_0025DSC_0026DSC_0029

And here’s a bit of Venice. Recently the book ‘Traveling with a Magical Atlas: Venice’ by Nadiyka Herbish was published in Ukrainemandrivka_z_char_atkasom_rewDSC_0028DSC_0032

Christmas Tale about Hedgehog who carry a sledge with some gifts for…DSC_0030DSC_0048

…family of cute GophersDSC_0052

The last page. Rocking Horse with a tail that can be braidedDSC_0032DSC_0036DSC_0037

Bogdana and Nadiyka have already received their Quiet book. It seems, both girls love it and I can not be happier! 🙂

Scarlett Paper Doll and her magnificent dresses

I recently found a new treasure for my collection of paper dolls! And of course I will share it here.

It is a magnificent vintage set for Doll Scarlett from the legendary film “Gone With the Wind” (1939). The doll is made in the style of Vivien Leigh, and all the dresses look just like in the movie! Click on any of the images, and it will open in full resolution, so you can just print it 🙂

Oh, I’m in love with this set!