Spring bag. Tulips in a Pot

dsc_0078Spring. The best time to visit Farmer’s Market. Or farm. Maybe even Tulip Farm! And of course you’ll need a cute large bag. I like the eco-friendly cloth bags. And also I love patchwork.
Before my visit to Tulip Farm I created this pattern:1Nice patchwork with tulips in a pot for bag, pillow or even a tablecloth.
You can use it for yourself. Just cut the details out fabric and sew them to the base with any seam you like.DSC_0040Here is the final look:DSC_0057 copyI think it’s really cute. Try to make it and enjoy your Spring!DSC_0069


Bow tie for your pet

Why don’t you sew fun and cute tie for your pet? I sewed the bow tie for my cat Escher and he loves it.

You need to have:

  • Suitable fabric (I chose polka dots)

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Threads

  • Hook and Loop Strip

  • You need to do:

Cut out three rectangles. Exactly how these. The largest of them should match the diameter of your pet’s neckMake rectangles twice: the largest and the smallest – lengthwise, and the average – crosswise.

Neatly sew all the edgesMake a bow and sew it on the collarSew-on hook and loop to the edges of the collarThat’s it, my friends!

Escher is a real dandy with his bow tie and your pet will be very stylish with it too!