Leonardo Cat. Cross Stitch

Today I will show you a very beautiful large cross-stitch picture. This is a reproduction of the picture by wonderful artist Geoff Tristram and it’s called ‘Leonardo’.

This project can take a lot of time, but the finished cross-stitch picture turns out magnificent.

I found the pattern here. Please, keep in mind that the key table shows only Dimensions threads codes. To convert them to DMC use this link.


Coffee Fairy and Her Girlfriend

On the occasion of the International Coffee Day I want to show you one wonderful cross-stitch. Please, welcome Coffee Fairy!6

She’s cute, funny and, of course, she makes a great coffee.And here is the cross-stitch pattern, so you could make your own Coffee Fairy.2345

But wait! This Coffee Fairy also has a wonderful girlfriend. Her name is Tea Fairy. And she knows everything about tea. I think you will like her too!67You can use this pattern to make it.1234

And may your coffee and your tea be magical… 🙂

Little Mouse on a Swing

DSC_0017Yes! I have found a new cute cross stitch mouse for my little collectionDSC_0020

At this time, it is a mousy in the fluffy dress riding on a swing. Just like in a fairytale, right? 🙂

I had no scheme of thread colors so I chose them myself. You can use my experience from the pictures or try something your own

Here is the patterni-HKgFnjOXY

And my mouseDSC_0002DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0008

Another cross stitch mice are waiting for you HEREDSC_0018

Christmas Cuckoo clock

DSC_0035Last year I found this cross-stitch pattern and  really wanted to make these cuckoo clocks for Christmas. At least one of them. I thought it could be a great toy for my Christmas tree.fony_48

This year I finally made it. I chose one clock and was stitching it with small changes. Here’s what came out.DSC_0031DSC_0036Unfortunately, the cross-stitch pattern isn’t the best quality. I really sorry about that. Actually I was looking for bigger pattern but found… another cuckoo clock! 🙂6784bd0fbb228910b19d07bdd75602a9Looks like now I have a Christmas cross-stitch for the next year too!DSC_0032

Box of chocolates with cute surprise

Do you remember the quote from Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…” ? Well, I got a little surprise in some way. One more lovely little cross-stitch: cute mousy is sleeping in the box of chocolates. Now this mouse lives in my kitchen, and you can make the same of course.

Here is the cross-stitch pattern:

You can find the Anchor threads color chart HEREAnd if you have DMC threads try this CHART.

I made my cross-stitch in a few days and then picked up for it a nice vintage frame

Sweet dreams, сute mousy, and do not eat too much chocolate!

Three vintage keys

I recently bought a nice frame for three pictures. After some thought I decided to insert there a cross stitch. Three vintage keys look very stylish and embroider them quite simple.

It is not necessary to say much.

For cross-stitch you need:

  • Special fabric

  • Black thread for embroidery

  • Needle

  • Scissors

And here is the pattern: You can embroider all three keys on one canvas and arrange them as you like

Here’s what I got! Elegant and cute isn’t it?