So Tiny Stitches…

DSC_0014Want to decorate your clothes with something unusual? Well, you can use a beautiful scarf or jewelry… Or make a small hand embroidery.

Choose a piece of clothing that you want to decorate. For example breast-pocket of your top.DSC_0003-001

You also need some embroidery thread, needle and scissors. You can find any cute pattern in the Internet (Pinterest is always a good idea), but I prefer to improvise.

Very little time, so tiny stitches and your top (T-shirt or whatever) is quite unique. Just like you are.DSC_0005-001


Three vintage keys

I recently bought a nice frame for three pictures. After some thought I decided to insert there a cross stitch. Three vintage keys look very stylish and embroider them quite simple.

It is not necessary to say much.

For cross-stitch you need:

  • Special fabric

  • Black thread for embroidery

  • Needle

  • Scissors

And here is the pattern: You can embroider all three keys on one canvas and arrange them as you like

Here’s what I got! Elegant and cute isn’t it?

Fabric Cat House

I said that I’m working on some new sewing project and also I said that you’ll see a Tiny Kitty again. Now meet the Cat House! 🙂 This is kind of handbag that could be good travel toy for girls, like a portable dollhouse. I made it for my charming niece Mila. I hope she will be happy with this thing. And now I can tell you how to sew this Cat House.

You need to have:

  • Fabrics and threads various colors

  • Pencil

  • Needles: for sewing and for embroidering

  • Scissors

  • Lace, ribbons, buttons

  • Lining

You need to do:

All depends on your wishes and imagination 🙂

Cut pieces out of fabric for the outer and inner parts of the house

Prepare some items: windows, doors, room furniture according to the doll size (in this case, Kitty). Fasten them with the pins

Then sew all the parts to the base. In bed and bath, I left the holes so Mila could put Kitty to them like to the pockets. I also made a pocket in the wardrobe for some Kitty’s clothes

I sewed all the details with a zigzag stitch, that looks like this:

After all, I put some small details: buttons, ribbons and then made embroidery to complete the picture of the house. My imagination was absolutely unbounded! 🙂

Also I also made this bathrobe for Kitty!

Then came time to connect the outer and inner part of the house. I put the lining between them

This is what we have. I am quite happy with the house and seems like Kitty have found her home!

In the end, I was reminded of handles for the bag. I sewed them from the same fabric as the outer part of the house. And also I put a lining into them

One more important thing – to sew handles with the really strong thread.

Finished Cat House outside:And inside:

Corner heart bookmark

Few days ago, I sewed a new bookmark. It is best to make it from felt, but I have found in my fabrics only a piece of fleece. However it came out very cute!

So, draw a heart on the fabric or cut it out from folded piece of fabric in half

Use pattern if you need
Use pattern if you need

You should get two hearts like these

Then sew hearts together, to get a pocket for a corner of book page. In general your bookmark is ready

For decoration I embroidered flowers on it. On one side I embroidered lavender, on the other came out me-nots. I did not use any scheme. It was just a flight of fancy

That’s how my bookmark works in the book

If you like it you can try to make your own corner heart bookmark.

Enjoy your reading!