Big framed pincushion

I just fell in love with this frame from IKEA. So I immediately decided hang it in my small craft room. These cute knobs are great for hanging my scissors. And inside the frame I made a big pincushion.There is nothing easier than to make framed pincushion.

You need to have:

  • Frame

  • Fabric

  • Batting

  • Scotch tape

You need to do:

Cut your fabric out and place it into the frame. Lay your fabric face down and place a batting in the center. Then put on top the cushion back and fix the end of your fabric with a scotch tape. This frame has a piece of plastic instead of glass, so I just used that as my cushion backAfter that just put frame’s back lid and your wonderful big pincushion is ready to use!

Here’s how it works! Love it!


Framed pincushion

I’ve met pincushion in frame several times in the Networks and so I decided to do it myself! If you have all materials the w
ork should take no more than ten minutes, so let’s get started quickly!

You need to have:

  • Small frame

  • Fabric

  • Needle and thread (or glue)

  • Filler

You need to do:

Open the frame. Put fabric into it and then fill it with filler. Cover all with frame’s lid or glass and align the edges of fabric. You can sew or glue them. Close the frame lid

That’s it!I admit this pincushion looks great in the interior and really handy to use. And it can be a great gift!