Bunny Keychain

Cute Bunny keychain is beautiful little gift for any girl. Slightly scented with lavender this keychain will be a perfect keeper for your keys and will bring a nice scent into your handbag or purse. Today am going to show you how to make Bunny keychain!

You need to have:

  • Cotton Fabric Square (Moda Precuts is a perfect choice)

  • Dry lavender

  • Keychain

  • Threads

  • Lace or ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Needle

You need to do:

Prepare the workpiece. Cut the fabric like this

Use these pieces of fabric to sew a three bags. Two of them will be the ears and the third one will be Bunny head

Make the eyes and nose with thread and put lavender into Bunny head

Sew ears to the head and tighten with thread at the bottom

Sew the keychain on the back side

Cover seams with cute ribbon or lace

And here’s your Bunny Keychain

You can make it in any color!


Two Tilda Сats with lavender pillows

Say hello to Tilda Kitties! There is one guy who is straight and another one who has a half-moon shape. And both of them are adorable! Each cat is holding a fragrant pillow with lavender so they are also sachets.

To sewing Tilda Cats you need to have:

  • Fabrics

  • Threads

  • Needle

  • Scissors

  • Lace

  • Ribbon

  • Buttons (3 pieces per cat)

  • Batting for filling

Use this image as the pattern for standing cat (actually, he doesn’t like to stand 🙂 )

Just click on the image with the pattern and it will open in high resolution
Just click on the image with the pattern and it will open in high resolution
Just click on the image with the pattern and it will open in high resolution
Just click on the image with the pattern and it will open in high resolution

And for a half-moon cat you can find the pattern HERE.

You need to do:

Cut the pattern pieces out and apply a pencil contour to the fabric. Do it with a small allowance for seams. Cut all the details out

Neatly sew correct details together, leaving holes. In these holes you’ll put batting. After you’ve filled all body parts, sew up the holes

Try to do it with a hidden seam as shown:

Now attach paws and tail to the body. Sew them with cute small buttons

Choose color of eyes and nose and arrange cat’s face with the threads. Then you can decorate your cats with lace and ribbon

For small fragrant pillows I used fabric patches and dried lavender

Then sew pillows to the paws

And here is the finished Tilda Cats with a light scent of lavender!

Have a good meоw!

Mood for tea

Making these drinks you can take any simple tea that you like. I suggest you use one of three herbs for different parts of the day. I like to store these herbs in cute jars so they become a kind of kitchen decoration.

Cardamom is very invigorating and spicy. It will approach for morning tea (or coffee). Brew your tea as usual and throw two or three grains of cardamom in a cup. Leave for two minutes. And then enjoy your tonic drink.

Siberian rose is very flavorful and tender. Its taste brings you sweet romantic mood. Put two or three buds in a cup with dry tea. Pour hot water. Wait 3-4 minutes and than enjoy.

Lavender is the best choice for bedtime tea. It relaxes your body and your mind. Brew a half teaspoon of dry lavender flowers with tea (best to choose green or chamomile tea) and drink just in bed. Sleep well!