Little Mouse on a Swing

DSC_0017Yes! I have found a new cute cross stitch mouse for my little collectionDSC_0020

At this time, it is a mousy in the fluffy dress riding on a swing.¬†Just like in a fairytale, right? ūüôā

I had no scheme of thread colors so I chose them myself. You can use my experience from the pictures or try something your own

Here is the patterni-HKgFnjOXY

And my mouseDSC_0002DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0008

Another cross stitch mice are waiting for you HEREDSC_0018


Box of chocolates with cute surprise

Do you remember the¬†quote¬†from Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…”¬†? Well, I got a¬†little surprise in some way. One more lovely little cross-stitch: cute¬†mousy is sleeping in the box of chocolates.¬†Now this mouse lives in my kitchen, and you can make the same of course.

Here is the cross-stitch pattern:

You can find the Anchor threads color chart HERE. And if you have DMC threads try this CHART.

I made my cross-stitch in a few days and then picked up for it a nice vintage frame

Sweet dreams, —Āute¬†mousy,¬†and do not eat too much chocolate!

Sweet little mice. Vintage paper dolls

Look at these wonderful cuties!

They are so funny and lovely so I want to share with you a set of these wonderful vintage paper dolls.

I really like their costumes for all occasions and seasons. Pay attention to the charming details of each dress and decoration of all the pages.¬†It’s just a feast for my eyes!¬†

Enjoy these little mice and their beautiful stuff!