Wonderful Paper Dolls

I have long been collecting kits with paper dolls and their amazing costumes. Now I am impressed by the Victorian era and that’s what I recently found!

Based on the work of Beatrix Potter
Based on the work of Beatrix Potter
Based on the work of Beatrix Potter
Based on the work of Beatrix Potter

Look at these cute guys! I fell in love with them at first sight!


Inspiration from Gapchinska

I am a great admirer of the Ukrainian artist and illustrator Eugenia Gapchinska. In Kiev I often visited Gapchinska’s Gallery of Happiness and got a lot of fun. Her adorable paintings are always make me smile and tenderness.

See for yourself, if you wish, and you will love THEM!

I like to add such cute pictures to my interior and decorate by them different subjects. There are beauty, inspiration and spark of true happiness in all of them! Usually, I print images with a good quality printer and they look great.

Now I’ll tell you how to decorate stain box with reproduction of Gapchinska.Actually, everything is very simple. You take a box which has a some kind of transparent window on its cover and cut out the cardboard pattern same shape as this window. With this pattern you need to cut out the picture and attach it to cover. I did it with a solid cardboard back which was fixed well at the window’s edge small holes. This can also be done with using glue or tape.

Here so a useless little box turned into a cute casket that can be used as a storage for buttons, ribbons or jewelry!

Pictures are available

This is an easy way to decorate your walls with beautiful pictures!You need to have:

  • Picture frame (mine were with passe-partout)

  • Wall calendar with beautiful illustrations (you can use last year’s one)

  • Scissors

You need to do:

Choose picture that you like from the calendar.

Cut it out with scissors.

Put picture in a frame and hang up or put it wherever you like.

Good calendar printing looks solid and elegant!