Tea Book

Hey there! It is almost spring, and I want to show you the one of my February projects. It’s not quite ‘Quiet’ Book, but it is definitely quilt. 🙂

I made it for my wonderful friend Oksana as a birthday gift. In fact, the main gift was this tea cup…

… and the Book is just kind of addition with some tea stories.

Green tea is all about Chinese dragon in a cup:Black tea shows some Indian elephants:Linden tea reminds of grandmother and harvesting linden blossoms:

Your cup of tea can tell many wonderful stories. You only need to listen, and look, and smell, and taste…


Quiet Book for a Very Special Girl… for Two actually.

DSC_0003Quiet book. Busy book. Soft book or Cloth book. They go by many names but the idea is the same: a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities to entertain small children. I had the intention of beautiful, hand-sewn masterpiece for very special little girl, my distant friend’s 2 year-old daughter Bogdana (Dana). And I’m talking about a masterpiece not because I am a master, but because I was sewing a book based on the works and joys of my friend and her family. Her name is Nadiyka Herbish and she is a gifted Ukrainian writer and just an amazing person!DSC_0039For activities I used: Velcro, snaps buttons, zipper, ribbons for tying, clothespins and threads for a braid. Let me just show you what I made and you can use my ideas for your own design.

Book cover. Little Dana in the image of Sunbonnet SueDSC_0045

Cup of coffee and a few pieces of Velcro marshmallowDSC_0022DSC_0005DSC_0009

Little Mouse from Nadiyka’s books about the change of seasons. I made him a photographer. It’s a family passion of Nadiyka and little Danacontent_fullDSC_0023DSC_0017DSC_0019

These pages are also about nature. Here a few flowers, apple and caterpillar that can become a butterflyDSC_0026DSC_0021DSC_0023DSC_0024DSC_0025DSC_0026DSC_0029

And here’s a bit of Venice. Recently the book ‘Traveling with a Magical Atlas: Venice’ by Nadiyka Herbish was published in Ukrainemandrivka_z_char_atkasom_rewDSC_0028DSC_0032

Christmas Tale about Hedgehog who carry a sledge with some gifts for…DSC_0030DSC_0048

…family of cute GophersDSC_0052

The last page. Rocking Horse with a tail that can be braidedDSC_0032DSC_0036DSC_0037

Bogdana and Nadiyka have already received their Quiet book. It seems, both girls love it and I can not be happier! 🙂

Quiet Book

I’ve been working on some project and finally it’s over! I made a Quiet Book for my friend’s daughter Daria, 2.5 years old.A Quiet Book is a fabric book with activities designed to keep your kid quiet during meeting, on a road trip, or any other time when little hands and minds need a distraction. Also this thing helps kids to master a variety kinds of clasps and to train their fingers. Here I will just show you my ideas and their implementation. Hope my experience will help you make your own Quiet Book.

I used:

  • Fabric and threads of different colors

  • Buttons

  • Ribbons

  • Laces

  • Thin rope

  • Zipper

  • Hooks & Eyes

  • Yarn

  • Baby shoes

  • Scissors

  • Needles

For 12 pages and for cover I used 16 equal-sized pieces of fabric. The rest patches were used for small details of Quiet Books and for the little dollThese baby shoes I used for lacing. I separated soles and sew shoes to the fabric page

On this page I made a maze with the bunny and carrot

For braiding I sewed girl’s head with colored hair strands

I chose a variety of buttons I put them on two pages for counting from 1 to 10

For exercise with a zipper I sewed a small house which hides the cute owl

A patchwork tree with buttons sewn on easily transformed into a flowering

I sewed these little ones just for fun. They seemed playing with each other

Doll was quite easy to sew. It is tiny as Thumbelina

Little doll and her skirts

And these are pages of Day and Night. On each of them I sewed small house where doll lives. Doors open with hooks and eyes (for left and right handed)

In the Day house there is a table for the doll
In the Day house there is a table for the doll
At Night house there is a bed-pocket
At the Night house there is a bed-pocket

For a game with velcro I sewed these funny sheep. The kid can remove sheep’s coats and attach them instead of clouds

And this is a pocket for the little doll and her skirts. Also there can be folded anything the kid wants

Finished pages I placed in order and sewed them together

The book cover and the spine were made in such a way

I also sewed ribbon to tie the book. I think it is very cute, especially for girls

The result is such Quiet Books for little girl Daria 🙂 xoxo