Tea Book

Hey there! It is almost spring, and I want to show you the one of my February projects. It’s not quite ‘Quiet’ Book, but it is definitely quilt. 🙂

I made it for my wonderful friend Oksana as a birthday gift. In fact, the main gift was this tea cup…

… and the Book is just kind of addition with some tea stories.

Green tea is all about Chinese dragon in a cup:Black tea shows some Indian elephants:Linden tea reminds of grandmother and harvesting linden blossoms:

Your cup of tea can tell many wonderful stories. You only need to listen, and look, and smell, and taste…


Cute Patchwork Templates

DSC_0310Few years ago I made this colorful quilt. One side with squares, the other one with triangles. Recently I decided to decorate some squares with cute patchwork pictures.DSC_0320DSC_0305DSC_0318DSC_0279DSC_0319DSC_0314DSC_0317DSC_0313DSC_0316

Rabbit, squirrel and dog, teddy bear and yellow duck, sailboat, rain cloud and umbrella, moon, crown and clover leaf, fish, bird and snail, sea horse and rocking horse, Sanbonnet Sue and Sam, flowers in the pot, apple and even cupcake. All these things are cute and perfect for quilt decoration or single patchwork pictures, even for kids cut-outs.

I’ll show you some templates and you can use them in your own projects.2019181615141312111098765432117

And here are some more pictures of my colorful and cheerful quilt.DSC_0315DSC_0312DSC_0311DSC_0308DSC_0307

Spring bag. Tulips in a Pot

dsc_0078Spring. The best time to visit Farmer’s Market. Or farm. Maybe even Tulip Farm! And of course you’ll need a cute large bag. I like the eco-friendly cloth bags. And also I love patchwork.
Before my visit to Tulip Farm I created this pattern:1Nice patchwork with tulips in a pot for bag, pillow or even a tablecloth.
You can use it for yourself. Just cut the details out fabric and sew them to the base with any seam you like.DSC_0040Here is the final look:DSC_0057 copyI think it’s really cute. Try to make it and enjoy your Spring!DSC_0069

Fabric Cat House

I said that I’m working on some new sewing project and also I said that you’ll see a Tiny Kitty again. Now meet the Cat House! 🙂 This is kind of handbag that could be good travel toy for girls, like a portable dollhouse. I made it for my charming niece Mila. I hope she will be happy with this thing. And now I can tell you how to sew this Cat House.

You need to have:

  • Fabrics and threads various colors

  • Pencil

  • Needles: for sewing and for embroidering

  • Scissors

  • Lace, ribbons, buttons

  • Lining

You need to do:

All depends on your wishes and imagination 🙂

Cut pieces out of fabric for the outer and inner parts of the house

Prepare some items: windows, doors, room furniture according to the doll size (in this case, Kitty). Fasten them with the pins

Then sew all the parts to the base. In bed and bath, I left the holes so Mila could put Kitty to them like to the pockets. I also made a pocket in the wardrobe for some Kitty’s clothes

I sewed all the details with a zigzag stitch, that looks like this:

After all, I put some small details: buttons, ribbons and then made embroidery to complete the picture of the house. My imagination was absolutely unbounded! 🙂

Also I also made this bathrobe for Kitty!

Then came time to connect the outer and inner part of the house. I put the lining between them

This is what we have. I am quite happy with the house and seems like Kitty have found her home!

In the end, I was reminded of handles for the bag. I sewed them from the same fabric as the outer part of the house. And also I put a lining into them

One more important thing – to sew handles with the really strong thread.

Finished Cat House outside:And inside: