It’s Time For Bunnies

DSC_0005 copyIt is no secret that now is the best time for bunnies. There are many cute bunny shaped Easter treats in the stores. These days I often meet some wild rabbits on the trail near my home. There are bunnies in trend books and movies. Therefore it’s not surprising that I chose the bunny when I started sewing a toy for the newborn son of my friend.
This little polka dot guy is now going to baby boy Theo, and you can use the pattern to make the same one:

Bunny PatternDSC_0009 copy

Happy Easter, friends! 🐰


A Little Bear for a Little Boy

DSC_0009Something new among the ideas for newborn babies gifts. I recently made this little bear for a sweet baby boy Andrew and plan to sew another one for another little guy soon. But for now I’m just leaving the pattern here.

Little bear PatternDSC_0012

Happy Spring, everyone! ❤️

Kitten Sweets

Recently I’ve got a little friend!It is my dear British kitten named Escher. My baby is very playful so I decided to make for him few toys. Besides Escher is so sweet that I have thought to make for him toys like desserts. And so I sewed ice cream, donut, cupcake, candy cane and zefir.Inside each toy I added a pinch of catnip. But first things first. You need to have:

  • Fabrics

  • Threads

  • Needles

  • Scissors

  • Filling

  • Catnip

  • Button

You need to do:

Cut out the pattern and apply a pencil contour to the fabric. Do it with a small allowance for seams. You will have two pieces with one in mirror reflection

Cut out the details of the matching fabrics

Use this image like pattern
Use this image like pattern

Neatly sew details together except top hole. With the donut you need to do like this

Fill toys with filling and little bit catnip and sew holes

How to make zefir
How to make zefir

Sew a button likes cherry on the top of cupcake

That’s it! Sweets look like real, but most importantly that my kitten loves them!