Box of chocolates with cute surprise

Do you remember the quote from Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…” ? Well, I got a little surprise in some way. One more lovely little cross-stitch: cute mousy is sleeping in the box of chocolates. Now this mouse lives in my kitchen, and you can make the same of course.

Here is the cross-stitch pattern:

You can find the Anchor threads color chart HEREAnd if you have DMC threads try this CHART.

I made my cross-stitch in a few days and then picked up for it a nice vintage frame

Sweet dreams, сute mousy, and do not eat too much chocolate!

Easter wreath

Easter is coming soon and I’ll tell you how to make a wonderful fabric Easter wreath. You can leave it on your door till the Earth Day because it’s also a very cute spring wreath.
You need to have:

  • Fabric for wreath and birds

  • Batting

  • Threads

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Lace

  • Ribbon

You need to do:

Cut the two parts of this form out

Sew parts together. Leave a hole to fill batting

You get such flower

After that start to make a birdie. Pattern for this bird you can find here.

Attach the bird to wreath with a lace

Now tie up the ribbon

Your Easter wreath is ready and all your guests and neighbors are fascinated! Happy Easter!

Big framed pincushion

I just fell in love with this frame from IKEA. So I immediately decided hang it in my small craft room. These cute knobs are great for hanging my scissors. And inside the frame I made a big pincushion.There is nothing easier than to make framed pincushion.

You need to have:

  • Frame

  • Fabric

  • Batting

  • Scotch tape

You need to do:

Cut your fabric out and place it into the frame. Lay your fabric face down and place a batting in the center. Then put on top the cushion back and fix the end of your fabric with a scotch tape. This frame has a piece of plastic instead of glass, so I just used that as my cushion backAfter that just put frame’s back lid and your wonderful big pincushion is ready to use!

Here’s how it works! Love it!

Three vintage keys

I recently bought a nice frame for three pictures. After some thought I decided to insert there a cross stitch. Three vintage keys look very stylish and embroider them quite simple.

It is not necessary to say much.

For cross-stitch you need:

  • Special fabric

  • Black thread for embroidery

  • Needle

  • Scissors

And here is the pattern: You can embroider all three keys on one canvas and arrange them as you like

Here’s what I got! Elegant and cute isn’t it?

Inspiration from Gapchinska

I am a great admirer of the Ukrainian artist and illustrator Eugenia Gapchinska. In Kiev I often visited Gapchinska’s Gallery of Happiness and got a lot of fun. Her adorable paintings are always make me smile and tenderness.

See for yourself, if you wish, and you will love THEM!

I like to add such cute pictures to my interior and decorate by them different subjects. There are beauty, inspiration and spark of true happiness in all of them! Usually, I print images with a good quality printer and they look great.

Now I’ll tell you how to decorate stain box with reproduction of Gapchinska.Actually, everything is very simple. You take a box which has a some kind of transparent window on its cover and cut out the cardboard pattern same shape as this window. With this pattern you need to cut out the picture and attach it to cover. I did it with a solid cardboard back which was fixed well at the window’s edge small holes. This can also be done with using glue or tape.

Here so a useless little box turned into a cute casket that can be used as a storage for buttons, ribbons or jewelry!